The Watch Dogs series seems dormant for now, but here comes a manga

Watch Dogs manga

Killer granny Neo Tokyo

Although we don’t have full confirmation that it will feature an iconic hat, there’s a Watch Dogs manga on the way.

The news comes from the Manga Mogura Twitter account, which dug up an ad for “Watch Dogs Tokyo,” a new manga series coming out today in Japan. It’s actually live now, but you will need to grab it from the Kurage Bunch site, and it’s only in Japanese at this time. Like many hacker story motifs, it’ll feature a big company that works with a government entity to provide a service “for the people,” only it’s not what it seems, and some hackers find out about it.

Watch Dogs, since its 2014 debut, has been a weird ride. Although I like elements of the first two games, Ubisoft never really seemed to know what to do with the series. Outside of Mr. Robot, the whole “hacking” subgenre was clumsily handled by some creators as time marched on, and the ending of service for Watch Dogs: Legion spoke volumes about the future of the series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it licensed out like this for a while, at a maximum.

With that in mind, I wish more Ubisoft franchises were licensed out for stories taking place in Japan.

Chris Carter
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