New video sharing site Retro Game Videos has launched

There’s a new videogame video site in town with focus only on the retro. Retro Game Videos has everything from old school gaming ads to videos that make fun of the classics.

The Retro Game Videos site is pretty basic and very simplistic, which is very nice considering how much clutter is on the other video sites. The video quality on the videos are pretty good too. My only complaint has to be that the video size is pretty small on the site itself.

Hit the jump to check the Press release and head on over to RGV to check out some videos. 


After months of beta testing and site feedback, has officially gone live. Retro Game Videos (RGV) is dedicated to keeping the memories of our video game past alive by offering a wide selection of genres. Everything from gameplay to commercials is at RGV which now hosts nearly 200 videos and is growing more everyday.

About Retro Game Videos –

Retro Game Videos is dedicated to the good old times, when console wars were fought

by stout plumbers and speedy hedgehogs, when terms like dynamic shadowing and

bump-mapping carried a mythological context. This is what RGV is all about. 

RGV hosts a growing number of user submitted videos – all related to retro video

games. Nothing modern allowed. RGV has everything from speed-runs to the

cheesiest game commercials – all submitted by our community, it’s all here. So take a

trip down memory lane and witness the largest Web site dedicated totally to old

school gaming.

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