New The Sims 3 screens confirm ‘doing stuff’ and ‘being people’ gameplay

Electronic Arts have issued some new screenshots from the forthcoming The Sims 3, and in case there was any question about it, these images confirm that you’ll still be able to do “stuff” in this sequel. 

There’s painting on your deck for instance. Or sitting in a camouflage-themed room wearing your matching camo outfit, taking about love with your camo-wearing girlfriend. Or pulling a gigantic trout out of a small puddle of water outside of City Hall. Er, OK, I’ll be honest — I don’t know what the hell is going on here in these screens. The Sims lead a complicated life of leisure, one that I will never truly understand.

But I sure am glad that you can do “stuff,” in The Sims 3. And it’s good to know that your Sims can range from some chick from The Hills to the keyboardist from The Killers, or an angry bully child to Barack Obama. Variety is the key here, clearly. 

The Sims 3 ships for the PC in 2009. 

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