New Syndicate trailer features co-op, ladies, mohawks

It may not be a 100% faithful remake of the original game, but Starbreeze’s new Syndicate remake is looking like an increasingly interesting shooter, if the new co-op trailer is to be believed. It shows, a presumably player-controlled team of two dudes and two ladies (one with a Mohawk) shooting many, many helpless rent-a-commandos.

There are also glimpses of the game’s sweet HUD, someone yelling “Extracting sh*t!”, and a House remix of the Syndicate theme, this time by German duo Digitalism. Actual details of the gameplay are as yet unrevealed, but the fact that someone yells “Extracting sh*t!” hints at some form of objective-based gameplay.

Not to make a potentially damaging Deus Ex: Human Revolution comparison, but your agents look a lot like the boss-character cyborgs from that game. Maybe that’s why they all had it in for Adam Jensen!

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