New Square game surfaces: Sigma Harmonics DS

In line with their usual trend of making enough games to choke a small horse, Square has a new DS game in the works. Famitsu has published some scans from Sigma Harmonics, which will be released in Japan this summer. There are no details about an American release, but it’s safe to say Square wants our money too, so we will likely get it stateside. More on that as soon as more details come to light, ladies and gents.

Sigma Harmonics is an adventure RPG that has a mystery-esqe storyline, which is definitely a departure from the usual Square storylines, although it seems it still uses RPG elements in battles such as leveling up. That’s cool, I like leveling up. Makes me feel weirdly accomplished.

The game is being directed by Hiroki Chiba, who was the event director for Final Fantasy VII (ooh!) and Dirge of Cerebus (ugh.) That really could go either way, but the Famitsu scans look pretty interesting so far, so I’ll try not be the RPG cynic I really am. I’m pleased that the theme and look of this title are a little different (you also hold the DS sideways to play, which I’ve enjoyed for games like Hotel Dusk.) Now, to wait for Square to release an official statement to we can dissect it swiftly and prattle over all the details! It can’t be long to wait.

[Via Forever Fantasy – Thanks, Ram]

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