New Square Enix countdown site teases items from NieR, Mana Series, Romancing SaGa

It’s already confirmed to be a mobile thing

Square Enix bankrolls a ton of projects, so it’s really hard to keep up. I mean Final Fantasy XV is practically its own studio at this point, augmented by a heap of mobile spinoff games, one of which just launched this week.

But they also pump out a ton of other mobile games, one of which will be this mystery project that they’ve already confirmed for iOS and Android. We’ll know more on September 20 when the countdown site finishes, but for now, the landing page is teasing a ton of memorable items from various franchises, like NieR and Mana.

I mean, could it be a non-game armory type thing, to get people hyped for the new Secret of Mana remake and any and all things NieR? Maybe. My money is on another Gashapon thing (except I wouldn’t put any money into Gashapon).

New Project [Square Enix]

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