New Splatoon 2 update brings balance changes and patches Salmon Run

Version 4.3.1 coming next week

Nintendo has released the patch notes for the next update for their multiplayer Switch shooter Splatoon 2. Version 4.3.1 will launch in-game at some point next week, bring a host of tweaks and bug-fixes to the competitive title.

New balancing sees changes to many of the game’s weapons, including the Aerospray MG, the Mini Splatling, Dualies and Brellas. Weapon specifications will also now be taken into account when comprising teams for Ranked Battle. Salmon Run has had some bug fixes to prevent players falling through scenery, as well as other bug patches across the board in all play modes.

Chances are that these updates might get fewer and farther between going forward, now that Splatoon 2 is essentially entering its twilight year, but it’s good to see that, for now, Nintendo are still supporting the popular title to ensure its dedicated fanbase have the best experience. You can check out the full list of notes right here.

Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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