New Scene It game on the horizon, first game to use Avatars

Here’s good news for movie trivia buffs like me who enjoy shamelessly humiliating their friends and loved ones. A second Scene It? title has been announced by Microsoft today. Subtitled, Box Office Smash, the game will feature new puzzle types and content from over 250 movies, including audio, video clips and still images. It will also be the first game released that takes advantage of Avatars, the Microsoft response to Nintendo’s lovable Mii characters.

Just as with the first Scene It?, the game will come bundled with four of the “big button” controllers designed to make it accessible to gamers and their non-gaming friends alike. If you’ve already purchased the previous version (which you can find at many Target locations for a mere $15 on clearance), the standalone disc will be available for $39.

One thing that’s interesting to note about this is the release date. Scene It? Box Office Smash is scheduled for release on October 28th. Now, we’ve been hearing for a while that the New Xbox Experience with updated dashboard and Avatar functionality wouldn’t be arriving until sometime in November. So, the question becomes, will Scene It? require a patch after the fall update to enable the function or are we going to be getting the fall update a bit earlier than we’d been told?

Check out the gallery for some screens bearing a little bit of trivia.

[Via 1Up]

Conrad Zimmerman