New Resident Evil game rumored to be among VGA reveals

When a frame with zombies was observed in an earlier VGA ad, some people thought it might be a new Left 4 Dead game for some reason. Even though there was nothing in the image other than two zombies and the word “infected”. Hell, it looked more like something related to Dead Rising 2 because of the artstyle. A new ad shows another, similar image at 0:07 with a biohazard symbol. Of course, rumors started to float about a new Resident Evil game. But that’s still not a lot to go on.

However, GamerZines found a Resident Evil t-shirt design that is supposedly official merchandise. This t-shirt shows “zombie” poses similar to the first VGA ad image. The silhouette of the third infected from the left is almost exactly the same, if stretched in length. The fifth silhouette from the left is simply mirrored, although the detail between the knees is different.

If you look on the official Capcom store, that t-shirt is nowhere to be found. Yet a few other online stores carry the same t-shirt as an officially licensed product, as well as other officially licensed t-shirts that are not on the Capcom store.

Take it with a grain of salt for now. The latest “biohazard” image is “2 of 3” while the “infected” image was “1 of 3”, so we’ll wait and see. If anything, it looks a bit more tangible than just having the word “infected” and the biohazard symbol. Yet even if this means a new Resident Evil, that just leaves the question of which platform it’s supposed to be a game for. Some think it’s a new PSP game. What do you think?

[GamerZines, thanks Vallanthaz!]

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