New PSP camera may be a no-go on the PSPgo

A couple of upcoming PSP games use a new PSP camera that seems to have been built with the original PSP in mind, and not the PSPgo. You may have seen the camera in your travels, as it has been available in Europe and Japan for awhile now. It was even used as an upskirt camera in Japan.

Senior social media specialist Sid Shuman dropped the bad news on its compatibility in the comments of a PlayStation Blog post: “No workaround that I know – the camera was designed for the pre-go models only. Maybe you can borrow a friend’s?”

I don’t know if you have a preorder in for Invizimals, but if you do, you might want to dig up an old PSP before it comes out later this year. Or find one of these silly “multi use connectors” for the PSPgo.

PSP Go May Not Support Upcoming PSP Camera in North America [1UP]

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