New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gift codes are rolling out, and last until October

More free items are available now

Although the game still could use some cleaning up, Game Freak is doing a decent job of keeping Pokemon Scarlet & Violet events and promos running: even if most of the latter are fairly small time. Well, there’s

Spotted by Japanese Pokemon players via Pokemon Company emails (including this tweet from Twitter user ShxQ183ag88QPe6, who screenshotted the email), these new codes dole out items for the game, and can be redeemed once per save file.

New Mystery Gift codes have rolled out in April

Here’s a list of all the codes and when they expire:

  • LEVEL UP (10 Rare Candies, expires on October 2, 2023)
  • CATCHBYBALL (Five balls of multiple varieties [Luxury, Quick, Nest, Dive, Dusk, Timer], expires on October 2, 2023)
  • REV1VE (Five Rare Candies, expires on October 2, 2023)

I know some folks are kinda bummed that so many of these item rollouts are duds, but hey, it’s something at least!

Also, remember a Palafin distribution is going on

All of these Mystery Gift codes dropped at once, including one for a special Palafin. That code is “0C1CV1CT0RGAV1N” if you haven’t redeemed it yet.

We have more info on the Palafin itself here.

How to redeem Mystery Gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

After the treasure hunt starts (read: following your full tour of the academy), you can select the mystery gift option in the main X button menu. Here’s how to find the mystery gift menu:

  • Press X and select “Poke Portal”
  • On the Poke Portal screen, scroll down and find “mystery gift,” then select that option
  • Select “get with code/password”
  • Enter the code(s)
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