New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news teased at the World Championships

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news

It’s coming on August 21 during the closing ceremony

We’ve gotten a chunk of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news thus far, but we could always use more! Well, it turns out we’re getting it on August 21.

As part of the opening ceremony of the currently-underway Pokemon World Championship weekend, Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokemon Company, shared a bit about their information rollout plan. Evidently, as part of the closing ceremony on August 21, we’ll be getting info on both the trading card game and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

After Ishihara declared that he had some “news to share about some of our Pokemon games,” the crowd cheered, but it was mainly for things already revealed in the recent franchise stream (save Unite). After the big news on Pokemon TCG and Scarlet and Violet was said to be coming later, there were groans in the crowd. You can watch the opening ceremony announcement yourself here at this timestamp, directly after the event opened up on Thursday, August 18. A full recap is also available here.

That closing ceremony is set to take place at 4PM UK local time, in case you’re keeping track and want to watch it live. Day 2 of the Pokemon World Championships in London are currently underway. You can watch the festivities here on the Pokemon Twitch channel.

Day 1 of the Pokemon World Championshops is available in its 11-hour entirety below:

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