New Phantasy Star Zero DS site shows crude drawing potential, screenshots

Phans of Sega’s space role-playing game series Phantasy Star know that Colette pointed us to new details on the DS title Phantasy Star Zero DS last week. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much more than the basic game details and a few scans to go on.

Now the official Japanese Web site for Phantasy Star Zero DS has launched. Details are still on the light side, but there’s plenty to look at for now. We do know that there are three races and fourteen character types t pick from, and that fou-player Wi-Fi co-op is possible.

Many of the screenshots focus on the game’s visual chat feature, which let’s you use full-on drawings to communicate with your teammates. Full Penis Scribble support, if you will. 

Now that you’ve seen a bit of PS0 DS, are you more interested?

Dale North