New PC Trailer for Gamecock’s Insecticide

For those of you not feeling the DS trailer for Insecticide, Gamecock’s upcoming adventure/platformer, this new PC trailer may give you a bit more incentive to check out the title. The noir-inspired title hits stores January 8th and will allow you to play Detective Chrys Liszt  as she and her partner Roachy Caruthers scour the deepest corners of the city for ugly crime.

More than a few gamers have noticed the title has a slight resemblance to cult favorite Psychonauts. While that’s a good comparison, here’s a more exciting fact: There are people working on this game who worked on Day of the Tentacle. All you have to do is mention a Lucasarts title and I’m spasming in my chair, but a title witihin the epic Maniac Mansion series? I’m clawing at the screen as we speak.

[Via 4 Color Rebellion – Thanks Adam!] 

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