New Ninja Gaiden 2 info is exciting, but lacks chunks of gore

We had a chance to check out a live demo of Ninja Gaiden 2 at Tokyo Game Show, but beyond Ryu being really pissed off, and the game being really gory, we didn’t learn much we couldn’t have guessed from screens. Today, Computer and Videogames is delivering some new tid bits on the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive title, and we’re trembling with anticipation.

The game will reportedly take place across a number of real-world environments, including Tokyo, Venice, and Times Square in New York City. Additionally, CVG expands on the promise of improved enemy AI, detailing their ability to perform cooperative attacks. Ryu has also learned a few new tricks — the “Obliteration” technique will cause him to deliver a series of blows when Y is hit immediately after removing an enemy limb. Talk about adding insult to injury. 

CVG ends their report by lamenting the lack of a multiplayer mode in Ninja Gaiden 2, which Electronic Gaming Monthly confirms in their latest issue. Who was expecting a multiplayer mode? Isn’t the mass removal of limbs enough for you people these days?

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