New Ninety-Nine Nights game on the way?

From the latest issue of the Taiwanese edition of Famitsu magazine comes word of an upcoming Xbox 360 title, Ninety-Nine Nights Rondo. Simply part of a release list, there was no other information available on the title other than the fact that it’s slated for a November release. 

In case you didn’t know, describes a “rondo” as “a work or movement, often the last movement of a sonata, having one principal subject that is stated at least three times in the same key and to which return is made after the introduction of each subordinate theme.”

I describe Rondo as a little-known citrus flavored soft drink that was available in the U.S. during the early 80s, and quickly disappeared on me without properly saying goodbye. I remember it being known as “the thirst crusher,” and the ads had people smashing the cans. This would fit well with Ninety-Nine Nights, which was essesentially a wild hack and slash affair.

I sure do hope that Rondo is making a comeback and that this is some sort of promotional a tie-in. I really miss crushing my thirst.

[Via JeuxFrance]

Nick Chester