New Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games clips: fencing is the new badminton

What do you get when you jam two beloved franchises from the Internet’s collective childhoods together? First, you get a fighting game that the virtual world absolutely wet themselves over, and second, you get a sports title that those same now moistened electronic hooligans are virtually ignoring save for the moments when they stop writing sexually explicit fan fiction in which Tails makes passionate love to Luigi long enough to mutter something about Eggman not using the correct hand to hold his rapier.

What these people — and most of you, I imagine — are missing is that this title could quite possibly bridge the gap between the hardcore and the casual in a way that nothing before it has. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games combines WiiSports-esque thematic accessibility with the decades of affection the hardcore audience has for its characters. If that isn’t enough to get your mom, sister, father and dog to buy a copy, I will personally guarantee that the Weighted Companion Cube is a hidden character!*

Also, please follow the jump to see how Miis play into the title. 



* – Guarantees may in fact be hearsay, trickery or outright lies. Based on recent events, I’m going to assume it’s the latter.

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