New Mario Kart Wii footage. Still no voice, text, or carrier pigeon support

Mario Kart Wii is set to come out April 27. Until then, though, we got a ton of new videos of the game to check out. GameTrailers has several new videos, but I’ve only snatched a couple of my favorites, which are all after the jump.

But before that, here’s the Japanese intro for the game. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are racing along on invisible karts with the stupid wheel shell. After Peach knocks away Luigi, the movie cuts into random gameplay scenes of the various courses, vehicles and maps. Just look at how Peach looks at Mario. She’s such a cockteasing b*tch

I did a little yelp when I saw that they brought back the Ghost Valley course. The original is by far my favorite of all the Mario Kart games, and I adored the Ghost Valley courses.



Another returning classic course, this time from Mario Kart 64. This is also my other favorite from the Kart series.  


Funny enough, I really only care about the returning courses so far for Mario Kart Wii. Everything after the GBA version has disappointed me so much of the series that I’m not at all excited for MK Wii. The motorcycles look somewhat interesting, but that’s about it. 


Also, they better not charge over $50 for the game just because of a damn shell.

Hamza Aziz