New MadWorld screens kinda look like the other MadWorld screens

Can you believe it? Next week, MadWorld hits North American shelves on March 10. Seems like just yesterday we all drooling over the first stark, black and white and splattered with blood screens.

Now today, Sega passes along some more screens of Platinum Games’ bloody Wii-exclusive. While I won’t say “the thrill is gone,” am I the only one getting the feeling of “OK, enough already”? All of these screens, for me, are starting to bleed together. In fact, I can’t even be positive these are new screenshots.

I guess my point is, enough is enough. I’m ready to start playing the game now; no more screenshots. Who plans on picking the game up next week? For those of you who do, check back here for a contest to win some MadWorld cover art signed by Platinum Games devs Astsushi Inaba and Shigenori Nishikawa. It’s guaranteed to make your friends jealous.

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