New Lara Croft wants to find a man, has no idea what she’s in for

Just like James Bond and Dr. Who, the character of Lara Croft is famous for being portrayed by a string of different people over the years. The only difference being that you actually get respect if you’ve played James Bond or Dr. Who. With a new Tomb Raider on the horizon, Eidos has unveiled the latest lady to portray Lara Croft in public appearances — a receptionist from sunny, glamorous, stab-a-riffic Croydon.

Alison Carroll, described by comic book The Sun as “stunning and single,” will follow on from the likes of Nell McAndrew and serves as the public face for action gaming’s first lady. The story surrounding it, however, is absolutely hilarious, as The Sun reveals Carroll’s intentions of finding a man:

But Alison told The Sun: “I’m single and having fun, I’m not looking for a long-term relationship as most men can’t keep up with me.

“But playing Lara Croft, the sexiest game heroine there is, should get me a few more dates!”

Welcome to the games industry, Ms. Carroll. You’re about find out exactly how thick and congealed the dating pool can be if you’re hoping that portraying a 13-year old’s wank fodder is about to dredge up the man of your dreams.

Jim Sterling