New holiday season-themed Lumines Live! theme pack has new information on the new (available now) Rockin’ Holiday Pack (400 Microsoft Points/ $5) for Lumines Live!.

This is the first seasonal theme packed being released for the Xbox 360 version of the popular puzzle game, and it brings 20 new skins to the game’s Challenge Mode. The game is packed with holiday themes ranging from Halloween to winter, and new music genres like heavy metal and UK rock have been added. Keiichi Sugiyama (Rez, Area 1), h ueda (EVERY EXTEND EXTRA EXTREME), and Takayuki Nakamura of Brainstorm (Lumines series) have all contributed work to this new pack.

If you haven’t noticed, Lumines Live’s total “buy it all” price is getting pretty high. This is the sixth pack, and with each of the earlier ones costing about $5, and the original now at $10, the cost is looking more like a disc-based game.

Hey, Sega gave us Christmas NiGHTS for free back in the day, Microsoft! 

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