New Hogwarts Legacy mods let you play as Voldemort and Cedric Diggory

At this point, the Hogwarts Legacy modding community is pretty large

Hogwarts Legacy saw a ton of mod support at launch on PC, and that community is constantly increasing. Here are a few of that community’s latest creations in the form of character packs.

Where to download the Voldemort mod

Created by DEGOmods, this mod lets you change the first head preset to Voldemort’s face (and hands). While he “wasn’t designed with hairstyles in mind,” you can give him one.

You can find a link to the mod here. A Tom Riddle mod is also planned from DEGOmods.

Where to download the Cedric Diggory mod

DEGOmods also handled this one, which provides a character model of Cedric Diggory, from the mainline Harry Potter series. The modder has also provided two variants (based on a young and older Robert Pattison).

You can find a link to the mod here.

There are a ton of cosmetic Hogwarts Legacy mods

Cosmetic alterations are one of the most populated categories of Hogwarts Legacy mods: alongside of performance patches for PC and quality of life additions. One of the more interesting mods of that batch is Auror Flight, which allows you to fly around with fireball effect: much like many of the more powerful witches and wizards in the series.

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