New Gundam Breaker assembles on PC September 24

Do not fire up your soul

After a disastrous launch on the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, many thought that Bandai Namco had quietly cancelled the PC port of New Gundam Breaker. Turns out that wasn’t the case, as the company confirmed today that the game would be releasing on September 24. For those still interested, it will be launching with all the updates the PS4 version currently has as well as a little extra content.

While these inclusions are nice, it doesn’t change the fact it’s a mediocre game.

By including everything up to version 1.04, the game will have the entirety of its multiplayer suite as co-op was not there on launch day. In addition, it means needed changes to the camera and lock-on system, as well as damage taken from enemies, are also present. Without these changes the PC port would have been guaranteed dead on arrival as the game is a mess without them.

In addition, two new stages for online play will be included: the rather uninspired Class Room and Student Boardroom, based upon locations in the story mode. Based on the previous map that was added through an update, these are for online play only. At this time it’s unknown if they will be coming to the PlayStation 4 version.

The company also reiterated its promise that all future content will be free of charge. For those wondering how that’s going, they’ve been releasing a single mobile suit a week since launch. Most of them have been grunts, which is essentially cannon fodder or enemy of the week, and we’re still missing a lot of major ones. People have been keeping track, and we’re still missing over 80 mobile suits from the previous game.

For those that are still interested, do not buy this on day one. The studio that developed the game does not have a history of porting games to PC and there is no footage at this time. New Gundam Breaker could very well be a mess when it finally releases.

Mike Sounders