New Gears of War downloadable content smells of sh*t

Microtransaction rape is all the rage nowadays and it sure didn’t take Microsoft long to seek other means to squeeze out a bit more Gears of War money from your pockets. From the book of “Why in the hell are you charging this?”, BradyGames is offering up, for a price, five 100-point videos of Cog tag locations. You know, that same content you can get for FREE anywhere on the Internet — like right here or here, for instance.

My hope is that 1) nobody actually pays for this or 2) one person does and spreads it around on YouTube fast and furiously. Gamers, please do not pay for this. Please do not support content that has and should be free to everyone. This is corporate rape and if you contribute to this, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Robert Summa