New Dishonored 2 footage leaks by way of a TV spot

Ha, ads

The video game marketing machine is out of control these days. With major publishers clamoring for attention with Taco Bell deals and movie theater trailers, it’s tough to keep a lid on things with eagle-eyed fans watching every second.

The latest one to fall is Dishonored 2, which had its TV spot leaked just hours before tonight’s Bethesda conference by way of Twitch. Multiple mirrors have been removed by Bethesda, who is ever vigilant of issuing takedowns, but you can watch a web backup here.

All told I wasn’t big on the first Dishonored (outside of the Daud DLC), but there seems to be a lot more personality here.

Leaked Dishonored 2 TV Spot [NeoGAF]

Chris Carter
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