New Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time screenshots and EU release date

A week or so ago we told you that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time finally got a release date for North America: Spring 2009. Today we get a European date of… Spring 2009. What was the deal? Did they have to think about it for 10 days? Were they just f*cking with European gamers? Regardless, we are happy that our friends over the pond will be able to join in on the Wii/DS cross-platform multiplayer adventure fun. Given the multiplayer nature of the game, the timing of the releases makes sense.

Square Enix has released some new screenshots to mark the occasion. They look great, and show some of the one-touch chat features. The title supports English, French, German and Spanish, and I’m sure it will auto-translate the canned chat into your proper language.

I’m all about portable, cross-platform multiplayer RPGs. What about you?

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