New Crisis Core scans will make you wish you owned a beret

Straight from the mustachioed mouths of Jeux-France come some new Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core scans, courtesy of Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation. Check out some of Niero’s handiwork for a few older scans from earlier this month. New details about the battle system were also released, but more on that later.

Say what you will about the PSP or Square-Enix spinoffs, but this game looks fantastic. The art style looks similar too, but not quite like that of Final Fantasy XII, and I doubt that anyone can say that’s a bad thing.

Hit the jump for the translation of two Jeux-France articles about the battle system, and hit the gallery for a bevy of new scans. 


This ain’t no cheap imitation Babelfish crap. This is straight-up French-was-my-first-language translation. I knew that double lineage was good for something. Here’s the first article:

Square Enix releases a few new images of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP in Japanese magaizines Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu. This new Action-RPG features Zack Fair who must use his memories to trigger powerful attacks. The game is at 70% of its development as of right now, and a new demo will be playable at Square Enix Party 2007 next May in Japan. 

I’m really glad to hear that the major plot line of the game (dealing with and explaining Cloud’s warped memories of Zack and vice-versa) will factor so heavily in the gameplay. Most RPG battle systems are relatively interchangeable and un-inspired. Hopefully, this will be awesome and not seem tacked on.

More details:

Here, for no other reason than eye-candy, are a few images of battle sequences in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for PSP taken from Japanese magazine Famitsu. The game will feature Zack Fair accompanied by his mentor Angeal Hewley, and will prepose a combat system named Digital Mind Wave which is based on the memories of the hero, permitting him to execute diverse speical attacks depending on the results of the roulette placed in the top left of the screen. The release of this game is slated for this year in Japan.

There you have it, folks. Digital Mind Wave. Memories. Roulette. Very meta.

[Via Jeux-France, thanks, panzerdrako!] 

Joseph Leray