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Tipster Crunshii is on a roll today, as he's provided some more hard to come by scans of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and his friend has provided a rough translation of the whole Angeal/Genesis background and drama. There is also an incredible photo of a pirate on the cover, but we unfortunately don't have that feature.

Back to the dirty deets: While they aren't major deal-breakers, if you plan on purchasing this game and don't want to ruin the small plot nuances and twists, pretend this article didn't exist. Also, never work for a popular video game blog and never purchase your own Destructophone. The translation follows:

Rumored spoilers:

This is the first exclusive view of a "white winged" character in the FF7 series. Clound and Sephiroth both had black wings, Cloud had only left wing, Sephiroth only right wing. Angeal has onry right white wing; and through this picture, kinda says Angeal and Zack used to be some sort of partners back in the days (before Cloud hit puberty) in his hometown of Midgar and Sephiroth wasnt created or his power hasn't reached his legend yet. The article then says:

"The original owner of the Buster Sword wasnt Cloud, nor Zack, but it was owned by "Angeal." (Thats why you see him in the picture with a very similar Buster sword.) but, Angeal has a good friend since child hood called "Genesis" who is by far the strongest guy in SOLDIER.

Genesis is one of the oldest of the special "SOLDIER" class, but he surpased SOLDIER himself... he was rumored to be called the "G" class and also, "Project G". Therefore making, Angeal, Genesis the 2 main guys who started up SOLDIER.

Another spoiler is mentioned... Angeal helped Zack get into 1st level of SOLDIER, it shows on the second picture that Angeal was a Mentor teacher to many.

So there you have it, speculate the rest until your little Chocobo hearts implode!  

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