Neuroamps in Starfield – how to get them and what they do

Supercharge your mind with Starfield’s Neuroamps.

Character wearing Neuroamps in Starfield.

As you embark on your Starfield adventure, you’ll have the chance to mould your character as you see fit. This is done by investing your skill points into your desired skills and joining factions that match your character’s aims.

To improve your social abilities, you can use Neuroamps. They aren’t adequately explained in Starfield, but this guide will tell you everything you need to know about this body modification.

Aito Suzuki in Ryujin Industries in Starfield.
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What are Neuroamps in Starfield?

Neuroamps are a wearable technology created by Ryujin Industries. Putting them on enhances certain brain functions. You may have already seen characters with Neuroamps – they’ll have metal pieces on their face.

There are three types of Neuroamps. You can buy the Neuroboosts which offer the following benefits:

  • Neuroboost Mark 1 – 5% Intimidation chance boost
  • Neuroboost Mark 2 – 10% Intimidation chance boost
  • Neuroboost Mark 3 – 15% Intimidation chance boost

Neurotacs boost your Instigation. This skill allows you to command others during combat. Here’s what’s available:

  • Neurotac Mark 1 – 5% Instigation chance boost
  • Neurotac Mark 2 – 10% Instigation chance boost
  • Neurotac Mark 3 – 15% Instigation chance boost

Lastly, you have the Neurocoms that improve your Diplomacy, allowing you to convince others to stop fighting. You can purchase the following:

  • Neurocom Mark 1 – 5% Diplomacy chance boost
  • Neurocom Mark 2 – 10% Diplomacy chance boost
  • Neurocom Mark 3 – 15% Diplomacy chance boost
Zuri's Essentials in Starfield.
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Where to get Neuroamps in Starfield

To grab yourself some Neuroamps, head to Neon. This settlement is located on Volii Alpha which is part of the Volii system. Once you’re there, visit Ryujin Industries. In the lobby, look for a man named Aito Suzuki. Speak to him, and he’ll show you the Neuroamps he has on sale. They’re pricey, but they’re also worth it.

You can also find Neuroamps at Newill’s Goods, which is also in Neon. Alternatively, hit up The Key if you’re part of the Crimson Fleet. You’ll be able to purchase Neuroamps from Zuri’s Essentials. To activate your Neuroamp, head into your inventory and enter the apparel category. Equip it, and you’ll start benefitting from its effects.

There are various other ways to boost your social skills. For instance, you can take aids such as Hippolyta and wear the right clothing to boost your persuasion abilities

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