How to Find Neon in Starfield – Neon Location Guide

A quick guide on how to find the vibrant city of Neon in Starfield.

Starfield Neon guide

One of the three main cities in Starfield, Neon, might be the coolest. However, if you’re not sure where exactly it is, it can be tricky to find. The bright and vibrant Cyberpunk-like city is full of quests and vendors you’ll want to visit. The purpose of this Neon Location Guide is to help you find Neon in Starfield. You can visit Neon at any point in Starfield, so let’s get to it!

Where is the city Neon in Starfield? The Volii System
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Where is Neon in Starfield?

In Starfield, the city of Neon is located on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

You are first going to want to find the Volii system. It’s a Level 5 system, and you can access it at any time. On the star map, you want to go East and a little South from Alpha Centauri and Sol. If you see the Olympus system, it’s a little Southeast of it. If you look at the screenshot above, the Volii system has a big red circle around it.

Once you’ve found the Volii system, you want to fly to the second planet in the system called Volii Alpha. Don’t worry, I know this seems like the wrong planet. How can a city exist on a planet that’s entirely water? Well, that’s one of the cool things about Neon; it’s actually a city that was built above the waters. Now that you’re in orbit of the planet, Scan it and you should find the city of Neon.

Neon city location in Starfield
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Will I go to Neon in the main story missions of Starfield?

Yes, the main story missions of Starfield will actually take you to the three main cities including Neon. More specifically, the mission titled All That Money Can Buy which is given to you by Walter Stroud from Constellation, will take you to Neon. If you get to this point in the mission, you will be able to set a waypoint directly for Neon.

Once there you will meet up with Stroud and his partner Issa Eklund, who with he owns Stroud-Eklund. For the mission, you will have to visit the Astral Lounge and secure the purchase of an Artifact from a shady seller.

While in Neon, I really recommend checking out some of the other side missions available to you. More specifically, you should visit Ryujin Industries and get a job there. It was one of the more fun side missions in all of Starfield for me.

Now that you know how to Find Neon in Starfield, make sure to tour everything the city has to offer!

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