NeoPets Puzzle Adventure trailer shows off bright colors and a touch of gameplay

In the above NeoPets Puzzle Adventure trailer, one can easily catch a glimpse of the beauty and excellence that the title exudes. You’ll notice a brilliantly colored map, superb puzzle gameplay, and wondrous art direction.

If you didn’t know, NeoPets Puzzle Adventure is basically Puzzle Quest only with some new ideas, better visuals, and enhanced features. The gameplay is a hybrid of Reversi and Go where the objective is to match the chips displayed to your specific NeoPet’s color. Outside of the board game is a somewhat interactive world where players can find new items and take on quests for various goodies.

NeoPets is coming very soon (November 25) to the Wii, PC, and Nintendo DS. It’s packing over 150 quests, integration with the official NeoPets website and several multiplayer modes. If you’re skeptical don’t worry, check out Nick’s preview from CAPTIVATE 08 and learn yourself a thing or two.

Brad BradNicholson