Neon White might be the most out-there game in today’s Nintendo Direct

Coming to Switch and Steam in winter 2021

Annapurna Interactive is teaming up with Donut County‘s Ben Esposito for Neon White, one of the most double-take-worthy games shown in today’s Nintendo Direct. You’re gonna want to catch the trailer.

Set in a world where demonic assassins roam heaven, you’ll zip around 3D zones as fast as possible and grab Soul Cards to fuel your gun, sword, and parkour abilities. Speed and traversal are the focus – the central idea is to use the right cards at the right time to take shortcuts through the obstacle-course levels – but there’s a story, too. You’re the titular Neon White, “an assassin handpicked from Hell.”

I don’t entirely comprehend it yet, and I might not get it until I play it, but it’s memorable, for sure.

Jordan Devore
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