Nearly three years after launch, Firewatch is hitting Switch soon

‘It’ll be the same price as other platforms’

I’ve never been to Wyoming, but after playing Firewatch, I want to go. I’ll tell you what, between the idyllic locales in that game and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs scenery, I need to book a Wyoming/Colorado/New Mexico vacation at some point.

Ye olde “walking simulators” are still going strong, as Firewatch is backed by longevity across pretty much every major platform. Now it’s set to join the Switch family this month. According to developer Campo Santo the Switch edition is all set for a December 17 launch in the US, EU, AU and JP eShops. In the very announcement thread Limited Run Games has expressed interest in an eventual physical edition.

Firewatch launched on February 9, 2016, nearly three years ago, and its arrival caught on like wildfire (heh). Camp Santo says it’ll be “the same price as other platforms” when it arrives on Switch, which is $19.99.

Campo Santo [Twitter]

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