NCsoft announces MMO super-studio, Carbine Studios

NCsoft has announced the formation of Carbine Studios, a new studio comprised of 17 former Blizzard employees (including lead and senior developers from the World of Warcraft team). As if that weren’t intimidating enough, Carbine’s programming director, Tim Cain, was the producer, lead programmer and designer on Fallout. Impressed yet?

From Gamasutra:

“This is a dev team made in heaven,” said Robert Garriott, CEO for NCsoft’s North American business. “This group is as experienced as they come in the area of computer role playing and multiplayer game design. Making successful games is second nature to them. They are a very welcome addition to the NCsoft family. The gaming community should be excited to see what great things come out of Carbine Studios in the coming years.”

The studio are currently working on an unannounced MMO which, according to their Web site, should be “high-quality, cutting-edge, and conceptually innovative.” We’ve got pirates, orcs, super heroes, and all manner of elves that have invaded the MMO space — so someone tell us before Carbine does: What hole still needs to be filled?*

* Please save your mother jokes for the community blogs, please.

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