National Institute of Aerospace uses Pokemon to teach kids about science

In Voltron-like fashion, Nintendo of America has come together with the National Institute of Aerospace and Nortel LearniT to form the new WMD of education called Master the science … Master the Game!

Using characters and themes from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, the program is intended to make elementary and middle school science classes more fun and interesting for the squirmy little ADD-ridden brats who would otherwise be too bored to sit through a lesson.

Now through December, teachers and students can visit the official site to download printable lesson plans and classroom activities developed by the NIA. Nintendo’s senior VP of marketing and corporate communications George Harrison says:

“We’re honored to have our characters take what sometimes may seem like dry topics and help make them come alive for students.”  

Dry topics? What do you mean dry topics? Some of us happened to really like science when we were in school, Mr. Harrison. Just because you have a paragraph for a job title doesn’t mean you get to be a big meanie boogerface to the nerdy kids. You’re totally not sitting at our lunch table in the cafeteria anymore. 

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