Natal cameos in Smallville, makes Superman fly

I don’t watch Smallville, but I don’t think that is Superman in this clip over at Engadget. It must be some other person discovering his powers, right? If it is Superman hasn’t that show been on for like 8 years or something? He’s just learning he can fly? What the hell has been going on all this time? What’s the point of a show about Superman if there is no Superman? Please tell me that’s some other character with all of Superman’s powers.

Oh, yes, gaming. They’re playing Natal. Evidently another of Supeman’s (or whomever this is) powers is to fly to the future, get a game/controller that hasn’t been released yet and then teleport back in time, put  it in Lois’ apartment and have no one think anything of it. Also, apartently it is not the yellow sun of earth that makes Superman (or this guy) fly, but the ball dodging action of Natal.

Though I don’t watch Smallville, I feel that Superman (or this dude) flying is probably a big moment. How much do you think Microsoft paid to be the centerpiece of that?

Project Natal makes a Smallville cameo, does not guarantee ability to fly* [Engadget]

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