Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 & 2 coming to PC and consoles next week

Pac-Man, Mappy, Dig Dug, and more

Following on from last week’s Microsoft Store leak, Namco has confirmed that Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 and Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 are headed to PC and multiple console platforms. The retro compendiums will be available for digital download as soon as June 18.

Essentially a western localisation of upcoming Nintendo Switch release Namcot Collection, the Museum Archives compilations boast 11 classic Namco games, including arcade favourites, home console rarities, and fun variants such as an 8-bit demake of the amazing Pac-Man Championship Edition. Modern mechanics such as save states and replay options are also included.

The full list of featured titles are as follows:

Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 includes Galaxian, Pac-Man, Xevious, Mappy, Dig Dug, The Tower of Druaga, Sky Kid, Dragon Buster, Dragon Spirit: The New Legend, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, and an 8-bit demaster of Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 will feature Galaga, Battle City, Pac-Land, Dig Dug II, Super Xevious, Mappy-Land, Legacy of the Wizard, Rolling Thunder, Dragon Buster II, Mendel Palace, and an 8-bit “consolized” edition of Gaplus.

Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 & 2 will launch June 18 on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 & 2 launches June 18 [Gematsu]

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