Namco Bandai launches Surge label to efficiently nickel n’ dime the West

Namco “DLC gives us the horn” Bandai has joined the ranks of several Japanese publishers looking to expand in the West. It has recently launched a brand new label called Surge which will cover the Western side of the globe.

Formed from Namco Bandai’s US branch, the first game released under the label will be Afro Samurai, a game based on the Samuel L. Jackson-voiced animated series. The label also has other IPs in development.

“Surge presents a significant milestone for Namco Bandai as it personifies our commitment to deliver compelling content for the discriminating player who is looking for games that are not only groundbreaking but also push the envelope,” claims Andrew Lelchuk, executive VP of sales and marketing at Namco Bandai Games America. “Through passion and innovation, Surge will complement our portfolio of established franchises and intellectual property while positioning the company as a creative force.”

The new label costs 1200 MS Points for the office, and an additional 200 MS Points for each staff member.

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