NA Club Nintendo gets some awesome Zelda love

While the North American version of Club Nintendo still pales in comparison to its Japanese counterpart as far as giveaways and benefits go, it’s safe to say that the service does offer up some sweet stuff. In fact almost every time I see something that Club Nintendo NA members can get I say to myself, “Self, you need to sign up for that shizzle.” However, I never do. Today I once again say that to myself as I am presented with the club’s newest item, three Zelda posters to make love to hang on your wall.

Two of the posters are promotional items from Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, which is awesome. However, it is the third poster — a Club Nintendo exclusive — that is tenting my pants at the moment. The poster is the Collector’s Edition History of Link and it features artwork of every iteration of Link since his original outing up to Phantom Hourglass. There’s also some text on the bottom that can’t be read, but I’m sure it’s appropriately epic. For 350 Club Nintendo points all three posters can be yours… if you sign up to be a member. I really gotta get on that.

[Thanks, SiK99]

Matthew Razak