MySims: Play With Us trailer gives sugar shock from the sweetness

I really can’t say it better than Nick did: the cuteness of MySims really does make you throw up in your mouth a little. And just when you’ve brushed your teeth, EA hits us with this trailer for MySims: Play With Us.

Yep, it looks every bit as sickeningly-sweet as Colette said it would, and we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that it sounds just as sweet. The bubbly, sparkly tunes combined with the cute “simlish” speak made it feel like someone was hitting my ears with feathers. *shudder*

The trailer gives us a pretty good look at how items and even buildings are constructed. Although things seemed to be moving in fast-forward, assembling pipe organs, rocket ships, and tree houses looked to be a point-and-click affair, and appeared to be pretty easy. 

One thing’s for sure: MySims: Play With Us is going to be the game that everyone wants, but no one wants to be seen playing. 

Both the DS and Wii versions are due out on September 18th. 

Dale North