My Nintendo is giving out codes for a week’s worth of Nintendo Switch Online

You have until February 2 to get your seven-day trial code

Just in time for the Monster Hunter Rise demo, there’s another seven-day trial for Nintendo Switch Online. You’ll just need a My Nintendo account to get your free code – no Platinum Points necessary.

The only restriction is that you can’t “top up” your membership if you’re already a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. Otherwise, once you get the code, you will have until February 8 to activate it. (Reminder: you can redeem Switch codes in the eShop on your console or in a browser using this page.)

Even if you have no intention of playing Monster Hunter Rise with other people, there’s some fun stuff to check out in the NSO library – namely, the treasured Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Mario’s Super Picross, and Super Mario Bros. 35, which is bafflingly still set to expire on March 31, 2021.

Are any of you hopping from trial to trial? I often forget I’m even subbed to Nintendo Switch Online.

Jordan Devore
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