My Nintendo is dishing out double Gold Points for several Switch games

…but they’re mostly older titles

This is much more of a friendly low-key PSA than an urgent drop-what-you’re-doing notice, but if you’re thinking of getting Paper Mario: The Origami King or one of several other older first-party Nintendo Switch games anytime soon, you can earn double Gold Points for your My Nintendo account.

This eShop promo runs until 11:59 pm Pacific on February 28, 2021. Here’s the list of supported games:

The idea of spending $60 on a not-that-new Switch game in order to earn 600 Gold Points (instead of the normal 300 Gold Points) is so incredibly Nintendo, it hurts. For those of you who haven’t bought anything in a while and need a refresher, the points conversion would be $6 off (instead of $3 off).

At least Origami King came out in 2020! For the rest, talk about staying power.

Jordan Devore
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