My Nintendo celebrates Super Mario 3D All-Stars with new wallpaper

50 Platinum Points

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out, and now everyone can argue about the merit of each individual game all over again.

I’ve seen all sorts of “I’m coming around on Sunshine” testimonials (along with plenty of “I still hate Sunshine” takes), as well as the same polarized reception around Mario 64. Yes, I vividly remember some people not liking Super Mario 64 at launch: wild, right?

Now it’s time to celebrate the launch, as well as the 35th anniversary of Mario himself. To that end, Nintendo just provided a new My Nintendo reward: a digital wallpaper for 3D All-Stars, featuring art from each game. It’s available now for 50 Platinum Points.

For reference, you can find 50 Platinum Points in the digital couch cushions of My Nintendo. You get 30 points for logging into the service. As a reminder, you can also get the pin set now if you were lucky enough to redeem your code in time.

Wallpaper [My Nintendo]

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