My Nintendo AU has a real-life Zelda bomb bag available, and it needs to go worldwide

Zelda Bomb Bag

The bomb bag from Skyward Sword

A lot of those iconic item designs kind of stay with you throughout the years after playing through Zelda games, and a few Skyward Sword gear pieces are no exception. The Zelda bomb bag from Skyward Sword comes to mind, as I can vividly recall the logo and coloring, as one of the several blue bags in the series (typically they’re brown or blue). Well now you can get one, if you’re a My Nintendo Australia user.

If you’re keen and have a My Nintendo AU/NZ account, you can grab the Zelda bomb bag for 500 Platinum Points, which isn’t that bad at all given that it’s the same price as pencil pouches or a zipper case. Naturally this is all celebrating the recent launch of Skyward Sword HD, but hey Nintendo, that happened globally!

While some rewards are not shared through various My Nintendo regions, ones for first-party games typically do come to other marketplaces in some form. If you’re curious, you can check out the AU rewards right here without being locked out or requiring an account to browse. You’ll see a lot of the same stuff as the US market, minus a few tidbits like the Mario 3D World reflective keychain and the Splatoon 2 sticker set.

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