My Aquarium for WiiWare brings a fish tank to your television in glorious SD

Software innovation alert! Hudson Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing My Aquarium — “an all-new, original IP” — to WiiWare.

Yes, it’s a virtual aquarium, where you’ll be able to choose from 40 fish and a variety of decorations that will make up your watery habitat. Exciting things like glass color, lighting, background design … style of gravel … rocks … yeah. Players can have up to six aquariums, and will be able to send thank set-ups to friends using WiiConnect 24, provided their friends have also spent money on a fake aquarium.

I poke fun, My Aquarium does a few cool features, like connecting to the Wii’s Forecast Channel which will change the conditions of your aquarium. You’ll be able to interact with and feed your fish, but they’ll likely never die, so feel free to sit back and neglect them. It’s true that a number of aquarium software programs are available for PCs and the like, but at least it seems like Hudson are packing the game with features. 

Hey, it’s great to see the classic “burning log” VHS evolve. 

Nick Chester