Not everyone is thrilled about Murder House’s icon

Murder House's Easter Ripper costume makes for a creepy icon

I can’t imagine why!

The recently-released console versions of Murder House have a distinctly creepy icon featuring a costumed rabbit killer, the Easter Ripper, and nothing else. The design is, in a word, striking. The freaky icon jumps out — in a good or bad way, depending on who you ask — when it’s lined up against other, probably “nicer”-looking icons on a home screen.

The game’s creator, Puppet Combo, was asked by a fan on Twitter about a potential “fix” for the game’s “horrendous” icon (via Kotaku) — the answer is straight-up “no.”

I’m not sure where we all stand on the “Nintendo Switch game icon” debate, in which some players would very much prefer to have an icon that balances the game’s artwork with its logo, but as someone who isn’t too bothered by the aesthetics of my Switch home screen, I found this exchange pretty amusing. It’s even funnier the deeper you go.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I like this creepy-ass logo, but I like what it’s going for and I wouldn’t want it to change. It fits the “VHS slasher” vibe of the game.

Earlier this week, Puppet Combo asked which game — Power Drill Massacre, Nun Massacre, Bloodwash, or The Night Ripper — “should drop on consoles next.”

The more the merrier, really. I want to be able to deck out my home screen with nothing but lo-fi horror-game freakshows. There might be diminishing returns for console ports (I think Murder House was a good first test-the-waters release), but at the same time, this niche is underserved on consoles. It’d be so nice to accumulate a whole library of ’em.

Jordan Devore
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