Mumbo Jumbo talks business mumbo jumbo, also The Office game

Casual games company MumboJumbo talks about their recent move towards consoles and portables in an interview with Gamasutra. They talk about everything from casual games coming to Sony’s Home to recent PSP releases. 

MumboJumbo’s North American sales VP Brian Garrison says that, while still healthy, the PC casual games market has “flattened out”, and the console world seems to be the new destination.

“You know, what we’re noticing just in the last few months is that the console market is really where the boom is starting to happen,” says Garrison. “I don’t want to say the PC market’s saturated, because I don’t think it’s really saturated, but so much of it is online that we’re still getting a lot of online traffic, but PC retail has kinda flattened out. The majority of the pickup is on the console software.”

Garrison also talks a bit about their upcoming game based on NBC’s The Office. He explains how the project actually came to be and what we can expect it to play like.

“It’s a task-based management game, similar to Diner Dash, where you’re actually in an office and you’re doing tasks,” says Garrison. “You’ll be playing as Jim, battling Dwight. You’ll be able to play pranks, there’ll be video in the game, and actually, writers from the show are helping write the game.”

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