MultiVersus Season 2 kicks off today, Marvin the Martian coming soon (Update)

marvin the martian multiversus season 2

Did you bag Brunhilde Bugs?

[Update: Player First Games has announced that Marvin the Martian is coming to MultiVersus in season 2. You have made him very angry… Very angry indeed. A Game of Thrones stage is also in the works.]

Player First Games has completed the first season of its crossover scrapper MultiVersus, with the free-to-play fighter making quite a splash in its opening months. Still essentially in open beta — despite its run of content drops and tournaments — Season 2 will bring new modes, characters, stages, and more.

MultiVersus Season 2 is getting off to something of a quiet start, with no immediate announcement regarding new characters, but today will see the title get a brand new Battle Pass, which will now no longer feature any empty tiers. Somewhat suspiciously, the patch notes point out that the developer has “Tuned the number of points required to complete each tier so that the Battle Pass feels both engaging and rewarding.” Hmm…

multiversus season 2 patch notes


As always, some exclusive skins await those who commit to the grind, with “Baker Street Tom & Jerry” featuring as the Tier 50 prize for the Free Pass and Maestro Bugs Bunny as the Tier 50 prize for the Premium Pass. Another Bugs Bunny grand prize? Ain’t he a stinker? Players picking up the Premium Pass will unlock the fun “Astronaut Velma” skin immediately.

Season 2 also brings with it the arrival of the in-game store, filled with goodies to spend your hard earned… erm… “Gleamium” on. These include a fresh run of character skins including “Samurai Batman”, “Evil Morty”, and *checks notes* “Uncle Shagworthy”. The intro tutorial has also been overhauled, simplifying some steps and adding a voiceover. Additionally, the even more madcap “Silly Queue” has received new modifiers, including an amusing Big Head mode.

From an under-the-hood stance, MultiVersus Season 2 has introduced Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration to help improve online stability, and there is a fresh run of balance tweaks for several maps and fighters. Unfortunately, there is no word on any of the new characters that will be arriving over the course of Season 2 — with several characters already appearing in various datamine reports over the course of Season 1. Hopefully, we’ll get word of the new crossover contenders very soon.

MultiVersus is now in open beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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