MultiVersus has welcomed 20 million players to its cartoon chaos

multiversus 20 million players

I wish all MultiVersus players a very Broken Bugs

Publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Player First Games have proudly announced that a staggering 20 million players have checked now checked out the MultiVersus open beta.

The free-to-play platform fighter soft-launched a little under a month ago on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms and won over both fighting game veterans and casual players alike with its cartoonish brand of easy-to-pick-up animated action. MultiVersus sees a star-studded roster of characters, pulled from a wide variety of WB properties, battle it out in Super Smash Bros. style platform brawling action.

While not officially “launched” just yet, Player First Games has already begun the title’s first season of content, which will see new characters, stages, modes, and rewards rolled out over the coming weeks. Morty, of Rick & Morty fame, will join the roster later today, with DC Comics’ Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe also on deck for their MultiVersus debut in the near future. Dataminers have already uncovered evidence of some of the other scrappers currently waiting in the wings.

Having spent a little time with MultiVersus myself, I have to admit that it’s not really “for me” — I prefer my fighting games with a little more precision and a lot less dice-rolling — but that doesn’t mean that I dislike the game. It’s fun, and charismatic, and it has a superb roster of classic and new characters. If you haven’t given MultiVersus a shot, then I’d suggest that you do. Maybe you’ll bounce off of it, but who knows, maybe it will become your gaming obsession for the remainder of the year.

MultiVersus is available in open beta now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

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