MTV hints at ‘big’ Rock Band-related announcement, ‘a whole other realm’

As if Rock Band hasn’t already shaken up the industry enough already (are you sick of hearing about it yet?), there might be more on the way. Speaking with Reuters on the game’s impending success and future, executive vice president of program enterprises at MTV Networks Music Group drops some hints. 

“We’re pretty optimistic about what the game is going to do,” he tells them. “But our next big announcement, which is coming up fairly quickly, is a move to a whole other realm.”

MTV and Harmonix have been very clear about Rock Band not being just a game, but aobut being a new platform in which people experience music. They’ve already revealed part of their long-term DLC plans for the title, and appear to be delivering on the promise of weekly content updates. But “a whole other realm”? 

Our hearts (and wallets) may not be able to stand it.

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